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Well, it's now 01:10am on Saturday. My 24 hours ended an hour and ten minutes ago.

Of course the first thing I did was I went and made myself an omelette. Can't go wrong with an omelette.

But that's it. Day survived, money raised, Tracy happy with it.

James, from work, suggested that we, the whole newspaper, do it as a group next year.

We'll see, I said, we'll see.

(My stomach is now freaking out because of food content. It's gurgling terribly.

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So, it's 10pm here. I've not had anything to eat for, actually, 25 hours or so - I last had my dinner at about 8pm last night, but didn't finish eating it until 9pm-ish, so. 25 or 26 hours, I suppose.

The hours before midnight don't count. I was actually awake until 2am last night, reading The Tale Of The Body Thief (more David than a David fan can handle!)

(Actually, that's a lie. There's never enough David. He's so proper and fun. And very gentlemanly.

And he touches little boys.)

and so I'm counting from midnight last night until midnight tonight as my 24 hours. I think they almost wanted you to do 12noon-12noon, but I prefer it this way. It's not like I'm asleep before midnight, anyway, and it was a work day today, so it also wasn't as though I slept through until 2pm or anything.

Having said that, however, I did go lay down in bed to read for a while and ended up asleep from 5-10pm, when I didn't even feel as though I was tired. I wonder if you'd call that cheating. But I also wonder, y'know, in the grand scheme of things, if the people the money who will receive the benefits of the money I raised do the same thing - I wonder if they sleep to get away from the hunger. I don't know.

But I took my sponsorship card into work today, and the guys (and girls!) were so fucking generous it kind of made my heart swell.

  • Mum       €10
  • Mary       €5
  • Damien       €5
  • Leszek       €5
  • Linda-from-work       €5
  • Shirley       €5
  • Niamh       €5
  • Paul       €10
  • James       €10
  • Larry       €10
  • Elizabeth       €5
  • Nuala       €10
Which makes a total of €85. I've collected €65 of it so far, because those who had the money were nice enough just to give me the money right away. I've to collect the money from Mum, Mary and Elizabeth, and so that'll be not bad at all.

But, you guys. It's a small thing, really, this €85. I earn four times that in a good week. (Not recently, but you get the idea. When business is better and there's not a recession, I earn four times that, easily, in a good week.) But it's a small thing that might change somebody's life for the better.

And I'm happy enough with that as a contribution. Because until I went into work, I only had Mum's €10. ^_^;;; I didn't get around to going through the estate because I do not know people around here, except for Jane's parents, who live across the road from the exit of our cul-de-sac.

So €85?

Hell yes am I happy with that.

You read the first post I made on the subject of the fast? You'll know that €85 can change somebody's life.

I can't tell, however, if anybody made a donation through my page, although I asked Dad to forward it on to members of the family. But if he did and anybody made donations, then that's more money.

And today, to be perfectly honest, has not been so difficult.

I can honestly say that I've felt "hungrier" on days when I've not been Fasting. My stomach doesn't particularly hurt right now, but there's something there that could be called hunger, right around the edges of my stomach, you know?

I've been drinking plenty of fluids, anyway, and just now I've had a cup of coffee - although it suggests against it, because the idea is to stay hydrated, but it's almost the end of the day.

I feel kind of good about this, you guys.

Small steps and all. I'm not about to run out and join a religious order or anything, but it feels kind of nice, helping to change the world for the better.


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